JX's Gear For Sale

Last Update Aug 2004

Most items are very good to excellent condition except where noted. Some have original factory boxes and manuals. Some are brand new, never used. Some are mine since new. Trades considered. Cash prices do not include shipping or COD. I can now accept Pay-Pal (add 3% to listed price/ 4% for outside US). Shipping is from California 94608.

I will ship some pieces internationally. Payment must be by pay-pal or Western Union. I ship by Air parcel post or Express Mail.

Thanks to everyone who has contacted me through this site.

If you are interested in any item, need jpegs or have a question,
Alesis MidiVerb II $100 Works well.
Boss OD-2 Turbo Overdrive $65 Exc. w/box and papers (Japan).

Community NC-12 Monitors 12" + HF dirver Emilar/EV/Gauss
$550 PR
dbx 168 A comp/limiter/de-essser/enhancer Rare Orban designed unit. Mint in box w/ manual Pending Bob Orban Designed unit with feed forward comp, silence gate, and enhancer.
dbx RMS Meter $300 THE original dbx product
Fender Single Footswitch (from '65 Bandmaster). MINT. These are hard to find. $100
Fender Champ 12 (Red knobs, black Tolex) $250 Exc. condition; one dime size discoloration on top Tolex. All stock. Do the Torres Mod and have a killer amp for less.
Fender Concert mp 1983 Designed by Paul Rivera. 1x12 60 Watts from a pair of GE 6L6. Channel switching. $600 Exc. conditin and includes footswitch. Very quiet.
Furman PL-8 Power & Light Module EXC+++ $90  
Gallien Krueger 112 Cab w/ EVM-12L. Nice Thiele ported compact enclosure (like Boogie) $225 VERY CLEAN NEVER GIGGED
Guyatone FX pedals: TZ-2 and MC-2 $45-$60
Ibanez FL-9 Flanger VG $75  
Kendrick 4000 Head w/Torres 2x12 Cab
(will separate)
$1600 All tweed. Cab has Kendrick and Celestion G12-80. Head is early serial #0115, 80 Watts with footswitchable variable boost/FX loop. Kendrick no longer builds point to point amps. Amazing tone. . This is a killer blues rig.
Morley Power Wah Fuzz $175 Chrome in great shape.
Peavet 1545 Monitor Cab w/4 Ohm Scorpion 15". No horn, but x-over works fine.. $100  
Shure M68P Mixer 1/4" Hi-Z Inputs $30  
Tube Works MOS-Valve Guiatr Amp (for use with preamp) $200 80 Watts per ch. into 4 Ohms.
TC Electronic SCF (Stereo Chorus Flanger) $225 Original.older unit. Functions perfectly. Some wear on a portion of case; bottom rubber pad very worn.
Toadworks Mr. Ed Overdrive Pedal. Used for less than 1 hour. $85 Get the brown sound. World's brighest indicator LED.
Turbo Sound (Emilar) HF Compression Drivers (6 total-5 w/workingdiaphragms)
Fair Cond-some have rust
$300 ALL or will sell in smaller qty.
Vesta Fire Buff & Loop Pedal: Selects Loop (to other pedals) or Bypass
Master and Loop Gain Controls New in Box (from 1985)

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